Functional Medicine

Optimizing physiology – not overriding it – to decrease the risk of side effects and increase potential health issue resolution

Functional medicine is a different approach to treating many common conditions. It is based upon working to correct the body’s physiology instead of overriding it like many prescription drugs attempt to do. Many people in the United States have given up on the current healthcare model and are searching for alternatives.

func_med_collageAlternative medicine has grown aggressively due to the void in the current model. Americans are now spending more money out-of-pocket on alternative medicine every year than on traditional healthcare. The public is seeking healthcare providers that can provide them with comprehensive evaluations and non-invasive interventions. It is this transformed mindset that has set the stage for functional medicine in which patients seek objective analyses such as lab tests with support that includes herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Treatment from a functional medicine perspective begins with the patient completing a thorough medical history prior to their first visit. Part of this history is a subjective assessment of their metabolic function, general brain function, medication history, family history, and general health questions. These assessments will help to determine if any further testing needs to be performed, such as: complete blood work-up, Adrenal Stress Index, hormone panels, or GI function tests.