Treatment for Dizziness and Loss of Balance

If you are visiting this page you are probably aware there are few conditions that can be as completely disabling as vertigo. It is not uncommon for someone with vertiginous symptoms to also begin to notice decreases in mental acuity, memory, and anxiety in addition to dizziness or the sensation of spinning. Our brains need constant stimulation to stay healthy.

What are the causes of vertigo?
The vast majority of conditions causing vertigo can be effectively treated if properly diagnosed, and if appropriate rehabilitation is performed. Treatment may entail correcting the cause of vertigo as would be the case with repositioning maneuvers for Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV). In other cases there may be permanent damage, in which case the brain must be retrained to respond properly to the diminished output of the vestibular system.

It is widely understood that the vestibular system is responsible for sensing motion of the head. What is not as widely known is the vestibular system is just one of three sensors that tells your brain where you are in space. The other two players are the visual system and stretch receptors largely concentrated in the cervical spine (neck). It is the job of our brains to compare information from all three systems to determine are we moving or are we sitting still.

Faulty information from any one of these systems can lead to a feeling of disequilibrium or vertigo (spinning). A good example of how this works is the feeling of unsteadiness you can get when watching a movie where the camera is placed in an airplane. In this case the visual system is telling the cortex you are moving, but the vestibular system and proprioceptors indicate you are sitting still. Rehabilitation typically involves exercises combining all three systems. This trains the brain to correctly perceive the combination of inputs leading to an accurate perception of the environment.

Since there are many conditions that can cause vertigo, a thorough history is vitally important for arriving at the proper diagnosis, which will dictate in large part how your condition should be neurologically rehabilitated. (insert link to vertigo history)

If you, or someone you know, suffers from this condition, please call DuPage Neurology & Wellness Center and take the first step toward regaining a functional life.