Weight Loss

Weight loss solutions without counting calories

Weight Loss

Have you tried every diet there is, but can’t seem to lose weight no matter how many calories you cut? Have you found that even adding exercise doesn’t seem to help? Maybe you were able to lose weight, but it comes right back? You are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from varying degrees of obesity. If you, or someone you know, are among them, you may be closer than you’ve ever been to finding the solution to your weight loss problems.

The following is something you have probably suspected for a long time: There are certain physiological conditions which make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight!

The first, and most widely recognized, condition is hypothyroidism. Maybe you have some of the symptoms such as fatigue or hair loss in addition to weight gain, but your doctor has told you your thyroid is fine. Your doctor may be right about the thyroid gland, but there are over 20 other physiological conditions which result in the same presentation as hypothyroidism with completely normal lab findings! Please visit the Treating Hypothyroidism page for more information.

New research is coming out almost every day linking alterations in levels of “good” vs. “bad” bacteria in the gut to obesity. These bacteria are largely responsible for extracting the energy from the food we eat. What research is indicating is that obese individuals are more efficient at converting food to stored forms of energy such as fat. This could explain why you gain 2 pounds by just seeing an advertisement for chocolate cake while that hated friend that we all have is able to eat an entire pizza every night without ever gaining a pound. Don’t hate your friend…your gut flora may be to blame!

The other common condition that makes it virtually impossible to lose weight is altered hormonal levels-and women aren’t the only ones affected. It is very common for men to over-convert testosterone to estrogen. If this is occurring issues with gaining weight is only one of many problems that is faced. Please visit the Low Testosterone page for more information. Conversely, in women, it is equally as common to over-convert estrogens to testosterone. Another condition which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight.

So right now are you wondering if this could be you? There’s only one way to find out-call or contact us to make an appointment today! Stop the fluctuating cycle of weight loss/gain misery and make your physiology work for you instead of against you!